I have been working with Dope Publicity for a while and they are great. They know what they are doing and give you 100%. I would recommend them to anyone.

It has been the most collaborative and wonderful experience! I always felt heard and taken care of. The efficiency and results from Dope Publicity were always better than what we planned in our meetings. I’m so proud of this team and their ability to go above and beyond my expectations. Thank you!

Working with the innovative, passionate, and highly professional team at Dope Publicity has been simply amazing. Their understanding and grasp of my vision for my company, the strategies to reach a global market and to do so in a way that ensures that my company stands above other tech start up companies gives me the confidence that I need as a founding CEO to go out into the world and know that I’m ready for whatever might come my way. I really appreciate the leadership Dope Publicity displays in everything that they do.